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Re: Problems (panics) with using my uvideo... Help please..

Okay, six test runs here, using kernels GENERIC.UVD (options
described in previous msg), GENERIC.UVD.morse and
GENERIC.UVD.mcneil. Each kernel was given two chances, one
with plain booting it (i.e. uvideo using ehci) and one booting
it with -c, disabling ehci and trying then. Test case still is
the good old 'mplayer -vo null -fps 10 tv://'.

I gotta leave right now so I haven't put up any photos / dmesgs
but will do once I return.


(I)    EHCI: -> NMI
(II)   UHCI: -> uhci_softintr panic (got photos)

(III)  EHCI: -> NMI (got photos)
(IV)   UHCI: 1st run: "frame too small" messages from mplayer.
             2nd run: " - ".
             System -not- crashing. (got photos of mplayer output).

(V)    EHCI: -> NMI (with 64 frames!) (got photos)
(VI)   UHCI: 1st run: "select timeout" messages from mplayer.
             2nd run: same as above, this time I appended to the cmd:
             "... 2>&1 | tee -a mplayer.VI.2". When I tried to interrupt
             it (using ^C), the whole system hung. A whole lot of stuff
             was output on the kernel console, got photos of that.

Photos / dmesg links will follow, using the romanic numbers up there.



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