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Re: Why do we need lua in-tree again? Yet another call for actual evidence, please. (was Re: Moving Lua source codes)

Am 19.10.13 00:14, schrieb Aleksej Saushev:


> I'm of opinion that this device driver can and should stay outside the tree
> until its utility can be demonstrated without this much strain.
> At last this is one of the reasons why we support kernel modules.

The inclusion and use of Lua in base, for use in userland and the
kernel, has been the subject to public discussion, it has been the topic
of a GSoC project, it has been presented at many conferences, it is well
received by the community at large, it has users, it has attracted new
users to NetBSD, it has attracted users that are now developers, and it
has, last but not least, core's blessing.

Can we now please stop this useless discussion?

Lua is part of NetBSD.


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