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Re: Multiple device attachments

> The examples you site seem to indicate that for example the le device
> may attach to many alternative devices (e.g. pci, tc, ?), but only
> one attachment is made when autoconf is complete.

For any particular instance of le, yes.

> I may have read the code examples incorrectly -- please pardon me if
> I did; but what I want to know is --  can a device have multiple
> attachments (more than one parent device) when autoconf is complete.

A device can in the sense that, for example, ne0 and ne1 might not
attach to the same parent, or even the same kind of parent (eg, one ISA
and one PCMCIA).

But a single node, a single instance of a driver (eg, ne0), always has
at most one parent (exactly one, I think, except for the autoconf root
most ports call mainbus).

To put it another way, the autoconf tree is a tree, not a dag.

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