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Re: Multiple device attachments

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 04:24:11PM -0500, Frank Zerangue wrote:
> The examples you site seem to indicate that for example the le device may 
> attach to many
> alternative devices (e.g. pci, tc, …), but only one attachment is made when 
> autoconf is complete. I may have 
> read the code examples incorrectly -- please pardon me if I did; but what I 
> want to know is --  can a 
> device have multiple attachments (more than one parent device) when autoconf 
> is complete. 

I think you mean to ask if one device instance can have more than one
parent, e.g.,

        le0 at pci0
        le0 at pci1


        le0 at pci0
        le0 at isapnp0

I am pretty sure that is not possible.


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