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Dutch keymap not imported into NetBSD :p


Broke my Thinkpad X30 keyboard while being in Germany.
Found in a shop a brand new keyboard, told it was
German. Turns out it's not German, it's Dutch.

On the X30 I got NetBSD-5.1 and there is no nl
keymap. Google pointed me to NetBSD problem report
number 35473.

Could Spanny patch be included into NetBSD-current ?

I have downloaded thru CVS the NetBSD-current
sources, and applied Spanny patch. Recompiled kernel,
reboot and now the keyboard keymap is working

It's 4 years old and it seems to be minor and
quite useful :-) proposed in June 2011 to has
this commited. Please do : it works.

Problem report with patch is at :

Gilbert Fernandes

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