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Re: RAIDframe component replacement

>> then, after replacing the failed sd0 with the new sd0

> But with scsictl detach/scan, I suppose?

If that's an excerpt from me: no.

> I've done this several times with non-hotpluggable SCSI hardware
> where I had to power off anyway.

I've done it with non-hot-pluggable hardware _without_ powering off.
If the SCSI bus is in use by any other devices, I will usually break to
ddb (to ensure the bus is idle) during the unplug-and-replug.

> But with SCA, I'm unsure, whether, after detaching sd0 (and sd1 still
> there), a newly scanned sd will become sd0 or sd2?

I'm not sure either.  My guess would be that it would be sd2, but that
is just a guess.

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