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Re: RAIDframe component replacement

>> [...]
> So, do you suggest replacing sd0 without scsictl detach/scan?


> While this could work in my special case where the replacement disc
> is the exact same model as the phased-out one and already has a
> disklabel on it, I guess the kernel will get confused otherwise?

In my experience, no.  While most of my SCSI work has been done with
older NetBSD, my experience has been that a completely closed drive has
all knowledge beyond its existence flushed; on first open, the label is
reloaded.  I'm not sure whether the size and geometry are reprobed, but
I think so.  (I conjecture this was done to make dealing with
removable-media drives easier.)

Don't depend on 4.0.1 to behave that way, though, without testing it.
Even if I'm remembering right, the SCSI subsystem may well have been
improved enough to cause a regression in that respect.

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