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Re: NetBSD kernel modules.

On Mar 25,  7:15am, Iain Hibbert wrote:
} On Tue, 7 Dec 2010, John Nemeth wrote:
} > On Apr 28, 10:22am, Piotr Adamus wrote:
} > }
} > } I have one simple question: is it possible to compile these drivers
} > } into modules only: sdhc, ubt, uaudio? At this moment I don't have
} > } NetBSD installed. These drivers don't have suspend support enabled.
} >
} >      There is a module for uaudio, but there are no modules for sdhc
} > and ubt.  Kernel modules are a work in progress and driver modules even
} > more so.  You're best bet if you don't need them, is to remove them
} > from your kernel.
} I am not sure but in the old days (when I wrote ubt), there was not really
} any need for specific suspend support in ubt because USB devices were just
} detached upon suspend events. Is the USB stack any different now? I
} confess, I don't use suspend.

     I don't know the USB stack.  However, I just looked at ubt.c and I
see that Christos added NULL suspend and resume handlers in rev. 1.30,
which is between NetBSD 4.x and NetBSD 5.x.

     Piotr, what version of NetBSD are you running?  Also, can you
execute this command, please:  "ident /netbsd | grep ubt".

} In any case, there is plenty of state about the current Bluetooth
} connections that is held inside the controller and would be lost if the
} device was powered down with no way that I know of to reinstate it, not to

     In that case, you should probably create suspend and resume
routines to save and restore the necessary data.

} mention that devices would likely be out of range after awakening, so I
} don't really know how much code would be useful there anyway.

     Maybe, maybe not.  Equipment doesn't necessarily move while being
suspended (or, if it does move, the Bluetooth device might move with
it, i.e. a mouse or a keyboard).  And, with Bluetooth, devices can
move in and out of range at random times, so this needs to be handled

}-- End of excerpt from Iain Hibbert

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