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Re: NetBSD kernel modules.

On Apr 29, 11:03am, Piotr Adamus wrote:
} On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 11:33 AM, John Nemeth 
<> wrote
} > On Apr 28, 10:22am, Piotr Adamus wrote:
} > }
} > } I have one simple question: is it possible to compile these drivers
} > } into modules only: sdhc, ubt, uaudio? At this moment I don't have
} > } NetBSD installed. These drivers don't have suspend support enabled.
} >
} >      There is a module for uaudio, but there are no modules for sdhc
} > and ubt.  Kernel modules are a work in progress and driver modules even
} > more so.  You're best bet if you don't need them, is to remove them
} > from your kernel.
} thank you. That's a pity but at least sdhc is needed for me :) Do you
} know when this will be finished or is planned in the future?

     No idea.  Kernel modules are really a long term project, and there
aren't very many people actively working on them.  As for sdhc, you can
try detaching it before suspending and reattaching it afterwards.  See
'man drvctl'.  You might also try filing a PR against it if there isn't
one already.

}-- End of excerpt from Piotr Adamus

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