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Re: NetBSD kernel modules.

Hello John,

thank you. That's a pity but at least sdhc is needed for me :) Do you
know when this will be finished or is planned in the future?

Thank you !



On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 11:33 AM, John Nemeth <> 
> On Apr 28, 10:22am, Piotr Adamus wrote:
> }
> } I have one simple question: is it possible to compile these drivers
> } into modules only: sdhc, ubt, uaudio? At this moment I don't have
> } NetBSD installed. These drivers don't have suspend support enabled.
>     There is a module for uaudio, but there are no modules for sdhc
> and ubt.  Kernel modules are a work in progress and driver modules even
> more so.  You're best bet if you don't need them, is to remove them
> from your kernel.
> }-- End of excerpt from Piotr Adamus

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