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Re: Enhancing ukbd for Apple notebooks


what about Fn-Esc as Delete key? And FN-Down-Up as PgUp PgDn? Is it
going it work?



On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 5:54 PM, Frank Wille <> 
> Frank Wille wrote:
>> Still we have no AltGr on Apple notebooks with just a left Alt.
>> Should ukbd.c, or even wskbd.c be hacked to treat Ctrl-Alt as AltGr?
> Hmm... Ctrl-Alt is nonsense, of course. Because it is already used as a
> command modifier in wscons (switch screens with functions keys, or enter
> debugger with Esc).
> How about Fn-Alt as a replacement for AltGr? I would do this modification in
> ukbd.c, just for Apple-keyboards with a special Fn-key.
> --
> Frank Wille

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