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Re: Enhancing ukbd for Apple notebooks

At 22:21 Uhr +0100 26.11.2010, Frank Wille wrote:
>3. There is no AltGr, which is a real problem with non-US keymaps.


The "alt" aka option key on a Mac keyboard is not the windows "ALT", but
the equivalent of what you call "AltGr".


> and turn the right Apple/Command key into AltGr.


>This part is already working fine here. Are there any objections before I
>commit the code, or even better ideas?

Assuming that most Apple notebooks will continue to run MacOS (X) to some
extent, I think it violates POLA to shoehorn the Apple into a pc keyboard
layout on the NetBSD side. As an option, maybe, for those who bought the
machine for the hardware. But not as a default.

My 0.02 EUR,


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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