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Re: Enhancing ukbd for Apple notebooks

Michael wrote:

> To recap, my opinion is this:
> - - keys should do what the label says, no shifting things around to  
> match PC layouts


> - - we need AltGr, most people will expect it to be the right Alt key,  
> so that should be the (hopefully only ) exception

Already works that way, because the right Alt key has the same keycode as
AltGr on USB keyboards.

> - - left/right Command key should become left/right Meta

Already works that way, because the USB keycodes match.

Still we have no AltGr on Apple notebooks with just a left Alt.
Should ukbd.c, or even wskbd.c be hacked to treat Ctrl-Alt as AltGr?
Although I wouldn't like it to press three keys at once, just for a \ or [.

Frank Wille

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