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Re: Enhancing ukbd for Apple notebooks

On 2010-11-27 15:29, Frank Wille wrote:
Michael wrote:

To recap, my opinion is this:
- - keys should do what the label says, no shifting things around to
match PC layouts


- - we need AltGr, most people will expect it to be the right Alt key,
so that should be the (hopefully only ) exception

Already works that way, because the right Alt key has the same keycode as
AltGr on USB keyboards.

- - left/right Command key should become left/right Meta

Already works that way, because the USB keycodes match.

Still we have no AltGr on Apple notebooks with just a left Alt.
Should ukbd.c, or even wskbd.c be hacked to treat Ctrl-Alt as AltGr?
Although I wouldn't like it to press three keys at once, just for a \ or [.

I don't get this whole argument. If someone feels the need to have AltGr mapped to (for instance) the CMD key on a Apple notebook, he can just change it that way with xmodmap anyway. Why do we need to try to fiddle around with the base system itself to try and accomodate all kind of wishes?


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