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Re: remote kernel debugging over a network

der Mouse wrote:
My question is: Should I go with a custom protocol (+ a daemon that
proxies to TCP), or should I go with TCP directly?

My opinion, which is probably worth approximately what you paid for it:
custom protocol built directly atop Ethernet (ie, not IP-based).
You are concerned about security?
It seems to me that, for this application, the downsides of TCP
outweigh the upsides.
What downsides you have in mind?
(TCP is a necessary part, because gdb has a built-in ability to speak
its remote debug protocol over TCP.)

I would disagree that that makes it a necessary part.  You could use
something other than TCP - if gdb supports serial lines, for example,
you could use a pty; even if gdb doesn't support anything but TCP out
of the box, you could always hack on gdb as necessary.
gdb does support serial lines. I knew that pty can be used for emulating a terminal, but I was unsure whether it can be used for emulating a serial port. Hacking on gdb is not an option. I will not do it, and even if I did it, who would maintain it?
It's probably *desirable* to use something gdb supports out of the box,
yes, but it's hardly *necessary*.
It's not desirable, it's *highly* desirable.

Jordan Gordeev

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