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Re: remote kernel debugging over a network

>> While of course nothing is perfect, I think the number of cases
>> where you want the routability of IP but have nothing on the local
>> broadcast domain that can proxy is small enough that the cost of
>> writing them off outweighs the cost of dealing with the issues that
>> using IP raises.
> Proxies raise their own set of issues.

True enough.

But I also believe that for IP access control, you will never find a
one-size-fits-all solution, and I would very much prefer to have that
access control decision in a regular userland program on a presumably
stable machine, rather than in a deliberately-cut-back protocol stack
in a severely restricted environment on an inherently unstable machine
(any machine where kernel debugging is in progress can, I think, be
considered inherently unstable).

Of course, the converse is true; an Ethernet-layer protocol will not
fit all situations either - for example, the network uplink may not be
Ethernet at all, maybe not even vaguely Ethernettish - but that's where
judgement comes in.  While I wouldn't say I'm unshakeable in the
opinion, I currently believe that the closest thing to a
general-purpose solution to this problem is Ethernet-layer.

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