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Re: reboot fails to reboot -- was Re: NFS

At Thu, 9 Jul 2009 09:54:48 -0600, Sverre Froyen 
<> wrote:
Subject: reboot fails to reboot -- was Re: NFS
> It would be nice if reboot could be made to force a reboot.  Perhaps using a 
> flag.

There already is such a flag, IIUC:  "RB_NOSYNC", aka 0x0004.

I don't think that's what you want though -- it will still require a
full RAIDframe parity check and possibly fsck on the next boot.

A safer mode could probably be done fairly easily too by setting some
kind of watchdog timer before the unmounting of filesystems and other
sundry cleanup, and then forcing the system to reboot if the timer

(FYI, I have some changes, against netbsd-4, which much more reliably
reboot i386 machines using much more standard methods of rebooting too.)

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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