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Dear All,

I have been using a setup where my $HOME is located on a NetBSD NFS server
(for 10+ years).  Every now and then something goes wrong with NFS and
all accesses to /home cause the process enter disk wait (D in ps listing).
No matter how long I wait, the disk wait never completes.  I can't even
shutdown and reboot the client system properly because shutdown fails
to unmount the NFS partition(s).  At the same time, all other NFS mounts
from the same server work just fine.

Now that I started running FAM (hoping it would make gimp work better),
the famd process couldn't be killed, so shutdown never even got to the
point of unmounting disks.

The only way to reboot the system was hitting reset - and now it takes
4 hours or so to recalculate raidframe parity.

All I did was launch firefox3 and bang, /home was dead.

Here's how I mount /home in case I'm using wrong options (I have tried
many combinations with no luck):

server:/home    /home   nfs     rw,-X,-i,-b,-s,-C,-x16  0 0

So, what's up with NFS?  Will it ever be fixed?  It's been the same
for years and for many NetBSD releases.  Am I supposed to be running
samba between NetBSD systems?


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