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Re: reboot fails to reboot -- was Re: NFS

On Thu July 9 2009 11:05:11 Greg A. Woods wrote:
> At Thu, 9 Jul 2009 09:54:48 -0600, Sverre Froyen 
> <>
> wrote: Subject: reboot fails to reboot -- was Re: NFS
> > It would be nice if reboot could be made to force a reboot.  Perhaps
> > using a flag.
> There already is such a flag, IIUC:  "RB_NOSYNC", aka 0x0004.

You're right.  Looks like "reboot -n" invokes that flag.

> I don't think that's what you want though -- it will still require a
> full RAIDframe parity check and possibly fsck on the next boot.

In my case, that would have been preferable to jumping in a car and driving 
for 30 mins.   Fsck was skipped anyway because of the "log" option -- perhaps 
unsafely, considering the state the file system was in.

> A safer mode could probably be done fairly easily too by setting some
> kind of watchdog timer before the unmounting of filesystems and other
> sundry cleanup, and then forcing the system to reboot if the timer
> expires.

Agreed.  This would all have to go into the kernel, correct?

> (FYI, I have some changes, against netbsd-4, which much more reliably
> reboot i386 machines using much more standard methods of rebooting too.)

Could they be added to 5 and current?


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