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Re: Removing GENERIC.local from the repository

On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 07:19:15PM +0200, M.K. wrote:
 > > (Aside: what I'd really like is some sort of overlay where I can make
 > > my local changes, but still do 'cvs update' (or 'cvs commit') on the
 > > base system.
 > I think unionfs is what you are looking for. Actually, the man page gives an
 > example for exactly the same thing. Hope this helps.

That or a better version control system. :-)

The problem with using unionfs for this (besides all the problems with
unionfs itself) is that once you modify a file locally, any changes
from HEAD will be ignored rather than merged.

I have been using Mercurial to clone CVS working trees; it works
reasonably well, particularly for carrying local changes, but it's
pretty extravagant with disk space.

David A. Holland

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