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Removing GENERIC.local from the repository


I see that config(5) describes a 'cinclude' statement to include a file if it exists, otherwise ignoring it. This was added in 1999. May I assume that this is the reason why the GENERIC.local files (i386's one being added n 1996) are stored in the repository? Is it there any other reason to keep them there?

What I'd like to do is change all kernels that include a GENERIC.local to use cinclude instead, and then drop GENERIC.local from the CVS. The reason for this is to avoid having local modifications to files that are strictly designed to modified locally and never committed. Otherwise, having stuff added to these generates noise during, e.g. 'cvs update', and you know that an innocent 'cvs commit' in the incorrect directory will end up committing local stuff to the tree that will have to be reverted later on.



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