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Re: Additional post-install configuration


> >  * - this is an unresolved error. I just don't get the other
> >    sysinst messages to compile, no matter what I do. Perhaps you can help
> > me debugging that, but whenever I add another language than English, he
> >    complains about missing translations - for MSG_rcconf_restore_failed,
> >    which is clearly there.
> Msgc has an anyoing "feature" - a space at the end of the line "escapes"
> the end of line, so it becomes part of the message.
> What you would write in old style K&R C as:
> "message rcconf_backup_succeeded {rc.conf-Backup nach %s gespeichert.}\n\
> message rcconf_restore_failed {rc.conf-Restore ist fehlgeschlagen.}"
> is what you accidently wrote in several of the message files in msgc syntax.
> Just remove the space at the end of the previous lines and it will compile.
> In configmenu.c:334 you have:
>       cp += strlen(value);
> but there is no "value" - what did you mean (or is this a mis-merge)?
thank you! That's a mismerge, right. I updated the version on the server.

Regards, Julian

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