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Re: Additional post-install configuration


> >> The patches are here:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> It's not the prettiest, but it works.  Mostly.  :)
> > two fixes:
> >   * toggling rc variables doesn't produce empty lines, and the assumption
> > is less strict (there may be spaces before and after the variable line).
> >   * You have the option to add network configuration and save that to
> > disk, wrt to install/9904 - the configuration being changed is deleted
> > before.
> >
> > Grab the patches here:
> >
> >
> > Regards, Julian
> Sorry I'm getting back to this so late.  It looks like you've tried to 
> add on to my patch, but have missed (at least) the new files I added - 
> if you used 'cvs diff', you need to 'cvs add' the new files (this does 
> not affect the repository) and then use 'cvs diff -N' to include them in 
> the diff.
> As far as details;  which files did you touch?  I just want to make sure 
> i'm not missing something;  comparing diffs is tricky...
I'm sorry, I updated the patch, now it's the right one.
I touched:
 * - this is an unresolved error. I just don't get the other
   sysinst messages to compile, no matter what I do. Perhaps you can help me
   debugging that, but whenever I add another language than English, he
   complains about missing translations - for MSG_rcconf_restore_failed,
   which is clearly there.
   Thus, atm, all languages except for English are commented out.
 * configmenu.c - add network configuration.
 * defs.h - add del_rc_conf
 * msg.mi.en,,,,
 * net.c - use del_rc_conf before add_rc_conf
 * util.c - add del_rc_conf

pkginteractive is a stand-alone script and I have no integration for sysinst
yet. That could be done withing a few minutes, but pkginteractive is a rather
crude hack and proof-of-concept. I wonder if there will be another
integration for this before 6.0, but for now, it imho works *somehow*.

Regards, Julian

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