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Re: Where is netbsd-XEN3_DOM0.gz

On 2018-06-22 09:07 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> I saw your commit - it would be nice to leave the agp line in, commented
> out, and have a comment with the PR.  While we've been getting "booting
> with agp fails" reports, I suspect we'll now get "agp doesn't attach"
> reports from some subset of the currently-uncounted multitudes who are
> running the XEN3_DOM0 kernel without running into this bug.

Are you just assuming that AGP works for some people or have you
actually seen it work somewhere.  That might be a good datapoint for the
PR.  My impression is that it always has to be turned off but obviously
I only have data on failures, not successes.

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