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Re: First boot in domain0.

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 16:40:05 +0200
"Christian Limpach" <chris%pin.lu@localhost> wrote:

> I think it's looking for menu.lst in /boot/grub.  How do you install
> grub to the cdrom?  grub-install includes code to set the grub prefix on
> NetBSD to /grub and I'd guess that if you don't install using grub-install
> it will default to /boot/grub.

Could be that. I don't install grub (duh! :), I just copy "stage2_eltorito" and
"iso9660_ stage_1_5" into /grub.

I'll try moving /grub into /boot/grub.

> Now to get the domain's console output you'll need the xen_read_console
> tool (from xentools12/work/xeno-1.2/tools/misc, it's not built in my
> package but compiles without any changes).  You'll have to add the
> IP address as an alias in domain0 (ifconfig xennet0 alias
> and you should then see the created domain's console
> output if you run xen_read_console.

Thanks! I was wondering how to create domains and all this, when I have all
these things under control, I'll try to write a little FAQ (I'd be happy if you
review it when it's finished, because 1) I'm not an english native speaker 2)
I'm not so good explaining things :-)

        Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost>

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