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First boot in domain0.


Finally I've been able to boot NetBSD/Xen via cdrom with grub and the iso9660
patch (you can use it with the pkgsrc option "GRUB_ISO9660").

So, I downloaded the file xeno-1.2-install.tgz and I copied the file xen.gz into
/grub (as pointed out Christian Limpach in a previous mail).

The first lines I saw were from the linux kernel (WTF??!!), and later NetBSD/Xen
ran perfectly (this is great, because I was trying it via MFS and root being an
iso9660 image).

Now, I'm not sure if the xen.gz file is the right one, because those Linux
kernel messages were really strange, heh.

Finally, I tried the tools included in xentools12 package from Christian,
xc_dom_control.py didn't work, ballon coredumped when I ran it, I'm not sure
if the problem was MFS or something like this.

The kernel was built with your patch for domain0 (options DOM0OPS).

        Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost>

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