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Re: First boot in domain0.

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 07:49:00 +0200
Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost> wrote:

> I don't have any idea why dhclient does not work, if I use ifconfig.xennet0
> it works fine.
> I tried mouting kernfs in /kern, but looks like this does not help when
> using xc_dom_control.py or xc_dom_create.py, perhaps do I have to edit some
> file?

I'm uploading an iso image into ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/xtraeme/, 
called NetBSD-Xen-LiveCD.iso.bz2, it's 42mb total size compressed.

You could boot NetBSD/Xen from the CDROM, and it just contains installed the
following packages from pkgsrc:

        o sudo
        o xentools12 (from Christian)
        o zsh

And it contains 2 users, "root" with the password "root" and one user
with sudo enabled, called "user" with the same password.

dhclient was disabled because it didn't work for me. Also, there is a
NetBSD/i386 GENERIC kernel without EISA/MCA/ISAPNPBIOS and ACPI enabled.

To load the NetBSD/Xen, enter the following in the grub shell:

grub> configfile /grub/menu.lst

And you'll see NetBSD/Xen and NetBSD/i386.

Christian if you could try it out and tell me why the xentools12 does not work
when booting from the CDROM, I'd appreciate this.

(My connection is really slow, so the image will be there in 2 hours

Cheers (gotta go now!)

        Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost>

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