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Re: First boot in domain0.

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 14:14:21 +0200
"Christian Limpach" <chris%pin.lu@localhost> wrote:

> > To load the NetBSD/Xen, enter the following in the grub shell:
> > 
> > grub> configfile /grub/menu.lst
> Can't you make it load this by default?  Grub seems to do so when installed
> on a disk!?

Doesn't work! I don't know why, I think you have to install grub to see the
menu directly, but as it's a cdrom no idea if we could make this.

> You're missing "options DOM0OPS" in your kernel config file (at least
> according
> to the one which is embedded in the kernel).  You probably missed it because
> my
> patch only adds it to the XEN kernel config file and not to the GENERIC one.

You are really right! I was missing that option, because the kernel was copied
before applying your patch.

> In case you wanted to make a pkgsrc package for building Xen (hint! ;-)),
> below
> is a patch to fix the problem where you have to pad the netbsd kernel so that
> it's size is a multiple of 4.  I don't know how easy/hard it will be to make
> Xen build on NetBSD and havent' tried yet.
> --- ../../xeno-1.2.bk/xen/arch/i386/boot/boot.S       2004-03-11 
> 23:16:13.000000000 +0100
> +++ arch/i386/boot/boot.S     2004-04-21 00:08:16.000000000 +0200
> @@ -103,6 +103,7 @@
>          sub     %ebx,%ecx                    /* %ecx = byte len of all mods
>          */
>          mov     $(MAX_DIRECTMAP_ADDRESS), %edi
>          add     %ecx, %edi                   /* %edi = src + length */       
> +        add          $3,%ecx
>          shr     $2,%ecx                      /* %ecx = length/4 */
>  1:      sub     $4,%eax                      /* %eax = src, %edi = dst */
>          sub     $4,%edi

Cool :-), sure I'll try to create the package in this week.
> That's normal...  Xen uses quite a bit of code from Linux which is why its
> startup looks a lot like Linux.  Just close your eyes until you (think
> you'll) see green text ;-)

Ok, I wasn't sure about that :P

I have another question... do I have to mount /kern with kernfs for the

--      Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost>

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