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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

Toby Thain wrote:

> On 04/01/13 7:06 AM, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >
> >BTW Ragge, I read yesterday in the archives of this list that you compiled
> >NetBSD with pcc. ..pcc.. Do you remeber Olliver Lehmann with his Z8K
> >system (Zilog S8000 Clone with Zeus Clone Wega with an early pcc called 
> >lcc)?
> Do you mean Fraser & Hanson's lcc, the retargetable compiler 
> (https://sites.google.com/site/lccretargetablecompiler/)? That is not 
> related to, and much more modern than, Johnson's pcc for early Unix.
> --Toby

Proably not, as far as I know cwRaggeAnders himself sayd, that this stonage lcc
was really an old pcc ans so the platform should be relatively easy to
reintegrate... (the Z8K support was dropped a long time ago or so)
But that's only from herasay..
We talk about Software from before the 90's here..

An EAW P8000 and it's later Version P8000 Compact is an 4Mhz Z8000 System
with up to fout Megabytes of Memory, a 50MB Harddisk (or two) and 2 720K
Floppys. There is an 8 Bit i Z80A (UA880) Board that can run RIO (UDOS)
and CP/M 2.2 (OS/M) it works as IO Controller for the Z8000 System.
The Console is serial connected (VT100/ADM31) and build with an
I8275 and an Z8 Clone. There are at least 8 TTYs to connect Terminals or
Printers or UUCP to. An other Z80A builds the HDD Controller.
The 16 Bit OS is Wega an Zeus Clone..


Those are east german machines (from behind the iron curtain) ...

as I'm *grin*



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