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Re: Netbooting a sparc64

I just got what I think to be the latest ofwboot.net and netbsd-INSTALL.gz from
/NetBSD-daily/netbsd-5/201005310000Z/sparc64/ and put them onto the TFTP server.

@ OBP boot prompt I enter--> boot net:dhcp,,ofwboot.net
* sparc64 retrieves ofwboot.net Revision 1.13 and starts executing it *
open /tftp:netbsd-INSTALL.gz: Unknown error: code 60
Failed to load '/tftp:netbsd-INSTALL.gz'

I enter--> /tftp:netbsd-INSTALL.gz
Fast Data Access MMU Miss
For whatever it may be worth I have netbsd-INSTALL.gz sitting in the very same
directory as ofwboot.net.

I feel like I am very close to netbooting this sparc64 machine but I still am
missing something... I appreciate the very prompt tips from Eduardo and Martin
so far and could appreciate any further clues or tips just as much or more...

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