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Re: Sun Blade 100 vs Ultra 60

>>>>> "ml" == Michael Lorenz <macallan%netbsd.org@localhost> writes:

    ml> Bigger disks should Just Work(tm) as long as kernel and loader
    ml> are within the range that the firmware can see.

I thought what we're saying is that there's a chipset bug, not just a
firmware limitation, and the workaround for the chipset bug in NetBSD
runs big disks in PIO mode, and the workaround in Solaris disables big

And Rafal Boni is saying further that the controller doesn't work well
at all (``pages and pages of 'wd1d: DMA error writing fsbn X of Y-Z
(wd1 bn Q; cn R tn T sn U), retrying' and accompanying 'wd1: soft
error (corrected)' '').

The X1 and V100 has no PCI slot, so a SATA card is impossible.

The T1 and V120 do have one 32-bit PCI slot, but they take
hot-swappable SCA disks, so it's hard to mount a SATA disk in there.

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