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Sun Blade 100 vs Ultra 60


I have been doing some research, though I still don't have any answers.

Looking at the Sun Blade 100, it is a small pci based machine. This would
be great for my purpose. I should be able put in 2 hard drives, plus if I
pulled the cdrom, floppy drive and card reader I should be able to put in
2 more. Does anyone know if the power supply could run this many drives or
if there is are upgrade options for it? Also, is there a firmware limit on
the size of a drive that could be put in it?

The Ultra 60 looks like a better system and should easily be able to hold
4 drives, although it would be more exspensive to colo. Is there a big
advantagee to having 2 cpus and the larger case? Is there an option to put
the motherboard into a smaller case?


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