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Re: Synology PPCBoot SK98 network bug fix

On Tue, 31 May 2011 15:10:52 +0100
Julian Coleman <jdc%coris.org.uk@localhost> wrote:

> The if_sk.c driver copies SK_MAC1_0 into YUKON_SA2, so I initially
> tried this ...
> > 3. Enable unicast and multicast filters by writing setting MUFLEN
> > and UFLEN (0xc000) in YUKON_RCR.
> ... and enabled both filters.  This resulted in timeouts, so I tried
> copying the same address into SA1 and SA2.  Still timeouts

Indeed. I tried that too last night. No idea what is missing.

> (but it works fine with just the multicast filter enabled).

Ok. When you don't see another solution I would commit the code enabling
the multicast filter.

Then I can mark the DS-207 as officially supported on the sandpoint page? :)

Frank Wille

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