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Re: dual CPU system hangs


If you're using a G4 tower (which seems to be the case, since it's a dual proc 
machine), you'd be better served by a product called "Stealth Serial Port" (or 
something like that).

It turns your modem port into a serial port.

It's discontinued for a long time, but maybe you can get one on eBay.

That's what I use on my blue and white G3 so I have a serial console. The best 
part is that you'd only need to set the input and output devices through 
OpenFirmware and be all set! It's simple as that!


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Em 19/07/2013, às 17:17, Christian Groessler <chris%groessler.org@localhost> 

> On 07/19/13 20:53, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> In article <51E98526.4000702%groessler.org@localhost>,
>> Christian Groessler  <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
>>> On 07/19/13 19:27, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>>>> In article <51E9498A.9070305%groessler.org@localhost>,
>>>> Christian Groessler  <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
>>>>> On 07/17/13 17:08, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>>>>>> In article <51E66514.5080600%groessler.org@localhost>,
>>>>>> Christian Groessler  <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
>>>>>>> Is there a way to enter DDB with an USB keyboard? In the FAQ I only
>>>>>>> found a way with an ADB keyboard (Command-Option-Power)?
>>>> Looks like you are running out of memory. Can you print stack traces
>>>> from ddb of the two processes that are stuck in xchicv (cross-call).
>>> This brings us back to my original question (see above) :-)
>> Well, ddb from usb is not really working ATM for any platform. You definitely
>> can't recover once you enter it (because of locking issues), and sometimes
>> on my amd64 entering it produces an unresponsive keyboard. So I would say no.
> Ok, but there is a way to get into ddb? How did you do it on your amd64?
> I don't need to recover and if I can manage to get the stack traces it
> would be ok, otherwise...
>> The other solution would be a serial console I guess.
> ... the machine only has a phone (modem) socket on the outside. Don't know
> if I could connect a RS232 cable somehow in the inside.
> A serial PCI card would be handy, I have one, but I think it's broken.
> regards,
> chris

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