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Re: dual CPU system hangs

In article <51E99ED0.1090007%groessler.org@localhost>,
Christian Groessler  <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
>On 07/19/13 20:53, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>Ok, but there is a way to get into ddb? How did you do it on your amd64?
>I don't need to recover and if I can manage to get the stack traces it
>would be ok, otherwise...

CTRL-ALT-ESC on amd64.

>... the machine only has a phone (modem) socket on the outside. Don't know
>if I could connect a RS232 cable somehow in the inside.
>A serial PCI card would be handy, I have one, but I think it's broken.

Try it...


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