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Re: dual CPU system hangs

In article <51E9498A.9070305%groessler.org@localhost>,
Christian Groessler  <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
>On 07/17/13 17:08, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> In article <51E66514.5080600%groessler.org@localhost>,
>> Christian Groessler  <chris%groessler.org@localhost> wrote:
>>> -=-=-=-=-=-
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a dual CPU PowerMac, and when building the tree with -j 3 the
>>> system hangs after some time (1 or 2 hours).
>>> It looks like it cannot create new processes. When I try to run a
>>> program on an already open shell, it simply hangs,
>>> ^C doesn't get me back to the prompt.
>>> Is there a way to enter DDB with an USB keyboard? In the FAQ I only
>>> found a way with an ADB keyboard (Command-Option-Power)?
>>> Or how can I try to debug this?
>>> I'm running -current from three days ago.
>> Leave a loop running vmstat and netstat -m every second on a window
>> and see what happens when it hangs.
>Ok, I started two shells, one with "vmstat -w 1" and one with "while 
>true; do netstat -m; sleep 1; done"
>The build ran through successfully twice.
>Then I tried again, without vmstat and netstat, and now it hangs again.
>I could still start a few processes, and I have

Looks like you are running out of memory. Can you print stack traces
from ddb of the two processes that are stuck in xchicv (cross-call).

alas crash does not work yet I think from userland for ppc. We should
fix that.


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