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Re: Problems with extra packages on -current?

"x11/rxvt-unicode" runs without problems on 6.99.9 milestone build for

Building lang/perl5 (pkgsrc-2012Q4) still bailed out with a "memory wrap"
panic, but it got much further before doing so than on 6.99.17.  Bumping
the data size to 768MB and resuming the build, it completed with no
further complaint.

Apparently the perl build uses an internal tool called 'try' and it
elicited the following console messages:

trap: pid 29271.1 (try): user ISI trap @ 0 (SRR1=0x4000d032)
trap: pid 10601.1 (try): user read DSI trap @ 0x25732560 by 0xfdeee174 (DSISR 
0x40000000, err=14)

Going to build a couple other things before trying a 6.99.10 kernel
and modules (keeping 6.99.9 userland).

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