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Re: Problems with extra packages on -current?

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013, Havard Eidnes wrote:

I saw this problem on my PPC Mac Mini as well; what I did (if
memory serves), was to increase the data segment limit to 768M.

Sometimes it can be worked through by simply restarting the build.
The more already-satisfied dependencies there are, the further it
will get.  It may take several restarts.

I'll try raising the data segment limit when I try again.

Donald Lee (dgl) commented on using the perl5 from pkgsrc-2012Q4.
That's what I was trying to build from source (pkgsrc-2012Q4) using
'pkg_rolling-replace' to update the packages I'd last installed around
the 6.99.8 timeframe (since that was the old version of "osabi" that was

It can probably be argued that failing in this way is a bug, and
that bumping into the data segment resource limit should elicit
a better error message.

It is also interesting that I only have this problem on macppc (so far).
I build lang/perl on other small-resource systems (i386 and sparc) and
have never had it complain.

As for the other problems you mention, I'm sorry that I don't
have a suggestion for the root cause of the problem.

As I mentioned, I think I saw the DSI traps and memory faults appear
around 6.99.11.  I cross-build releases on amd64 or i386 and haven't
had trouble with anything in the release sets.  It's only the native-built
stuff from pkgsrc that has trouble.

I've observed the problem on my originial iMac, a Titanium PowerBook G4
and an aluminum PowerBook G4.  I have other new-world Macs to try (a trio
of B&W G3s, and a PowerMac G4 (sawtooth)) but it may take some time.

Also, bisecting code to find the change that precipitated the behavior.

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