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Re: Problems with extra packages on -current?

This is going to take a while.  My freshly-built 6.99.9 GENERIC panics
on boot with:

0x009a6bb0: at vpanic+0x21c
0x009a6be0: at panic+0x4c
0x009a6c20: at trap+0x100
0x009a6cb0: kernel ISI trap by 0xc23e7c00: srr1=0x40001032
            r1=0x9a6d80 cr=0x20009032 xer=0 ctr=0xc23e7c00
0x009a6d80: at pic_handle_intr+0x198
0x009a6dc0: at trapstart+0x6b0
0x009a6e90: at cpu_initclocks+0x40
0x009a6ea0: at initclocks+0x44
0x009a6eb0: at main+0x258
0x009a6f10: at 0x1000a0

I seem to recall a period in instability like this.  Rolling back a
bit further and building again...

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