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Re: G3 upgrade L2 cache

>>> [...] especially since it says "Crescendo PCI", and my card is not
>>> marked "PCI" as far as I can see.
>> If I recall correctly, this is a matter of nomenclature.  [...]
> I think the crescendo PCI was for the Macintoshes with
> non-replaceable CPU's - you could plug them into a free PCI slot and
> disable the onboard CPU.  If I remember correctly the 6400 was such a
> beast.

My card is not such a device.  The basic finger spacing and overall
connector size is about right for PCI, but it is definitely not plugged
into a normal PCI slot, and could not work in a normal PCI slot.  When
I pulled it, I saw a wide band of copper at the edge of the card -
about the bottom half of the socket, I'd say - that ran clear across
the connector.  If plugged into a PCI socket (if it even fit
mechanically, which it might not - I didn't compare it in detail) that
would short all the pins on one side together.  I think there was a
similar band on the other side, but I'm not sure of that.

> But the L2 cache was identical, AFAICR.

I'm beginning to wonder if this card has fried cache, or maybe the
clock divisor of 2:1, while right for the Crescendo PCI, is wrong for
this card.  I tried write-through L2RAM_FLOWTHRU_BURST and it wedged
hard right after printing the cache status line (the same place the
other failures failed).

There are only 21 possibilities (assuming the 512K size is right, and
since that came from the card's sticker I'm fairly confident of it).
Trying them all is not out of the question.

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