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Re: Issues installing on a PowerMac Quicksilver DP800

On 29-May-08, at 8:27 PM, Michael Lorenz wrote:
I have no idea why it apparently bites only NetBSD but what I'd do in your place is this:
I remember having tried to install Free and the installer would deadlock also... I may have tried Ubuntu also.

- - reseat the CPU module. I got bitten by that with my GigE - the thing got loose and the weirdest things started to happen until the machine wouldn't even power up.

- - check and reseat /all/ the RAM modules

- - disconnect/clean/reconnect every connector
Not done yet

- - reset the PMU - remove the battery and let it sit over night to drain whatever leftover charge some capacitor might hold, there should be a jumper or switch to do that but I don't know where on the mainboard it would be
= no go

Any other ideas? :(


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