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Re: Issues installing on a PowerMac Quicksilver DP800

On 26-May-08, at 8:43 PM, macallan wrote:

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On May 26, 2008, at 19:35, Matthieu Lalonde wrote:

On 26-May-08, at 7:24 PM, Michael Lorenz wrote:

- - which filesystem are you using? ffsv1, ffsv2, lfs?
I don't think our boot loader understands ffsv2 even in -current - your root partition or whatever you want to load the kernel from must be ffsv1, everything else can be ffsv2 or whatever else you want. That doesn't explain the deadlocks though.
Actually, I have a 2Mb HFS partition for the bootloader.

- - did you try any onboard IDE channel? Kauai and wdc at obio work fine on all the Macs I have here.
Same behavior on the onboard ata channel.

Damn, there goes the easy way out.
How does the kernel recognize the IDE controller? wdc at pci, wdc at obio or something completely different? Does the Quicksilver have an extra IDE chip like the b&w G3 did? I've never had a Quicksilver in my hands so I need to know what's in it ;)
It showed up on wdc. Can't remember at what now. Not sure, afaik the hardware is *very* similar to the GigE

Any chance to capture the dmesg output before it deadlocks and mail it to me?
Not too sure how I would transfer it back :/


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