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Re: How to access to Open Firmware via Null-modem?

Thank you (all of you)

I really think that  the problems is in the cable pinout because, reading
and trying all the possibilities the best thing I obtain in the minicom is

Welcome to minicom 2.3-rc1

OPCIONES: I18n                                                               
Compilado en Dec  9 2007, 12:37:36.                                          
Port /dev/ttyS0                                                              
               Presione CTRL-A Z para obtener ayuda sobre teclas especiales     

For this I've connect the adapter from Din-8 modem port in the Mac to Serial
DB-9 with a null-modem... If I connect only the adapter from Din-8 to DB-9 I
don't obtain anything.

My next check, the pinout!!! Here I go!

Michael, to connect from an E250 to a PC is necessary only a null-modem from
the DB-25 'A' port in the Sun to a DB-9 Serial port in the PC. The Din-8
port is only (I think) for the keyboard and mouse.


Michael Lorenz wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hello,
> On Jan 2, 2008, at 09:09, R.D. Hammond wrote:
>> I use 38400 8N1 /TYPICALLY/ some four-fingered salutes will return  
>> the mobo to its factory condition. I think 7 rounds of Meta+Alt+P+R  
>> clears the PRAM of ALL settings. (Including current date/time and  
>> total uptime, on some (?all) systems.) Then the meta+alt+O+F should  
>> put you at the prompt. feq counters, silly-scopes can help narrow  
>> it down, or a pair of headphones if you are really really good.
> ... and if that doesn't help unplug, take out the battery, hold the  
> CUDA reset button for a minute or so, try again.
>> For The Record: My e250s have two single-channel DB25 DTE sockets.
> Some Suns have 8 pin mini DIN connectors, I used an adaptor made for  
> Macs with one of those, that's why I asked, I had no idea what kind  
> of connectors the E250 has ;)
>> Remember the Mac has differential RS422 (or better) signaling that  
>> garantees voltage relative to ground at the transmitter,good for  
>> backwards compatability OR long distance+highspeed.
> Reminds me - many Suns have jumpers on the mainboard to select RS422  
> or RS232 signalling.
> have fun
> Michael
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