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Re: How to access to Open Firmware via Null-modem?

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On Jan 1, 2008, at 07:56, Jdrm wrote:

Well, this is my first post. First of all, my english is realy very bad, I
apologize for any error I'll write.

I have an old PowerMacintosh 9600 and I'm triying to install in it NetBSD. When I try to access to the Open Firmware (Cmd+Alt+O+F) the screen doesn't show anything. I've connected the Mac to a PC with a null-modem from the
modem 8-Pin connector on the Mac to the Serie port on the PC. I've
configured the minicom (38400 8N1) but, when I try to access again to Open
Firmware the terminal screen doesn't show anything.

Whats wrong? Maybe the null-modem cable? Wrong connector on the mac?

Use ttya ( should be labeled 'modem' or something like that ) on the mac, make sure to disable any handshaking on the PC.

I've do something similar with a Sun's Enterprise 250 and works fine!

What kid of cable did you use? One intended for Macs or Suns or something completely different? Macs serial ports are different from Sun and SGI ones even though they're using the same connector and the data lines are on the same pins - everything else, like handshake for instance - is different. So if you configured hardware handshake it will stall. If you configured software handshake you'll likely get funny results since OpenFirmware doesn't enable it and I'm not sure it even supports it. Play a little bit with your terminal settings, early Apple OF doesn't always behave logically or as documented.

Finally, I dimly remember using 57600kBit/s but that might be a wrong memory.

have fun
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