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IDE problems on Quadra 630 type machines, revisited


I think I reported issues with IDE drives on a Quadra 630 a while back. I can access an IDE drive without problems when booted off of a SCSI drive, but when I try to boot directly off of the IDE drive, it panics after a little bit of disk access (anywhere from two to ten seconds). Here's a recent panic:


I retried with netbsd-5 from today and I get the same behavior. I also tried to see if there was any difference by adding a comm slot ethernet, but no difference.

Another issue is that I get a "can't allocate KPT pages" panic immediately after the kernel loads if I let it try to use the full 196 megs of memory. I've been using the Booter to set the amount to 128 megs for now.

With a current kernel from 17-March-2011, booting from IDE works, but after a certain amount of time I get panics which look like this:


The hardware has had months and months of uptime with heavy compiling and heavy network traffic, so while I don't have other hardware to test, I can say with some confidence that the hardware is happy. The IDE soft errors seem common regardless of what IDE drive I have installed.

Does anyone have any ideas?

John Klos
Your mother manages RSX systems in Hell!

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