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Re: xemacs build failure (missing symbol hpplay)

Hi David,

David Brownlee wrote:

pkgsrc updated and tiny patch fed back upstream.

I did cvs update and did not get any :(

Just tested a quick build on amd64 and saw the same issue. I then
built and installed xemacs-packages and the problem went away.

A minor downside is that xemacs-packages is about five times the size
of the base xemacs.

So we need a much clearer MESSAGE in xemacs, and possibly the minimal
set of additional files to enable File>Open etc should be made part of
the base xemacs package.

Does building xemacs-packages fix it for you?

Yes, it does work when building those! It did need somet ime on the ol' machien just to fetch and build them :)

I still get the memory warning, even with unlimit, however loadig files works. I will test it further now


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