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Re: xemacs build failure (missing symbol hpplay)


David Brownlee wrote:
Looks like init_hpplay is a function provided xemacs to play .au sound
files on hp9000s700 (Or more strictly I suspect to play them in HP/UX
on hp9000s700:)

Its under "#if defined (HAVE_NATIVE_SOUND) && defined (hp9000s800)"

I suspect you may just be able to wrap the references to
vars_of_hpplay and init_hpplay with && defined(HPUX). I could take a
look this end but I gave away my hp box to another developer a while
back, so I wouldn't be able to test:)

I am not that expert in hacking and generating packages in pkgsrc stuff, but I get your point. I actually am compiling on a 715 box, so most probably the issue is HAVE_NATIVE_SOUND. Probably either NetBSD has a different mechanism or it doesn't have it at all. If you can take a look, I can test and maybe we can improve things together. Perhaps the patch is then worth going upstream. I did choose xemacs over emacs mostly because the use of motif is much lighter on exported displays than gtk used by emacs.


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