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Re: Netbooting Trouble with 712/100

On 02/27/13 06:53, aaron%zadzmo.org@localhost wrote:
On Wed, 20 Feb 2013 23:42:47 +0000 Nick Hudson 
<nick.hudson%gmx.co.uk@localhost> wrote

..and tries again on an endless loop. Manually typing in 'lf0a:netbsd'
usually fails with the same, but adding one of the prompted options (like
-c) goes just a bit further:

Start @ 0x2000000 [1=0xf0e000-0xf0e45c]
btlb info: minsz=128, maxsz=16384
btlb fixed: i=0, d=0, c=8
btlb varbl: i=0, d=0, c=0

This was with trying the SYSNBSD file from 6.0.1; results with trying
netinstall.lif and from SYSNBSD from 6.0 were similar.

Same (truncate download)

I've learned a lot about the TFTP protocol these last few days...

1) Solaris 10's TFTP server implementation and the HP712 aren't compatible. the
HP wants an option that Solaris doesn't implement.

2) Using Wireshark during boot, it appears the entire LIF file is being

3) After downloading the LIF onto another system using tftp, the md5sum matches
what's on the tftp server.

..and I still get that 'btlb' output mentioned above just before a hard hang.
No I/O error messages though.

It seems to be loading the kernel, and then something goes wrong before the
kernel runs. I doubt it's a hardware problem as I get a working install of
HP-UX 10.20 if I boot from disk; It even starts X11 with CDE.

Can you post the full boot output and try to add the debug flag (-d) to the boot. Hopefully,
we can set  breakpoints to see how far it gets.


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