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Re: Netbooting Trouble with 712/100

On Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:02:36 +0000 Nick Hudson 
<nick.hudson%gmx.co.uk@localhost> wrote

Thanks for the fast reply, Nick!

> > If I run 'search' on the boot admin menu of the HP, it gives me the IP
> > address of the DHCP server, so I know it's receiving traffic. It just won't
> > "go" for some reason, and I'm not seeing any error or diagnostic messages
> > outside of 'boot failed'.
> It should report the tftp server where the kernel is held.

This was the critical hint I needed, I found the issue in the DHCP server
settings and got it to get it's bootloader.

I'm getting a different issue now, however. If I do nothing, the bootloader
spits out this error message:

open lf0a:netbsd Input/output error

..and tries again on an endless loop. Manually typing in 'lf0a:netbsd' usually
fails with the same, but adding one of the prompted options (like -c) goes just
a bit further:

Start @ 0x2000000 [1=0xf0e000-0xf0e45c]
btlb info: minsz=128, maxsz=16384
btlb fixed: i=0, d=0, c=8
btlb varbl: i=0, d=0, c=0

This was with trying the SYSNBSD file from 6.0.1; results with trying
netinstall.lif and from SYSNBSD from 6.0 were similar.

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