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Re: Netbooting Trouble with 712/100

On 02/20/13 06:12, aaron%zadzmo.org@localhost wrote:
On Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:02:36 +0000 Nick Hudson 
<nick.hudson%gmx.co.uk@localhost> wrote

Thanks for the fast reply, Nick!

If I run 'search' on the boot admin menu of the HP, it gives me the IP
address of the DHCP server, so I know it's receiving traffic. It just won't
"go" for some reason, and I'm not seeing any error or diagnostic messages
outside of 'boot failed'.
It should report the tftp server where the kernel is held.

This was the critical hint I needed, I found the issue in the DHCP server
settings and got it to get it's bootloader.

I'm getting a different issue now, however. If I do nothing, the bootloader
spits out this error message:

open lf0a:netbsd Input/output error

This looks like a truncated file on the tftp server to me. Or maybe too many errors on download?

..and tries again on an endless loop. Manually typing in 'lf0a:netbsd' usually
fails with the same, but adding one of the prompted options (like -c) goes just
a bit further:

Start @ 0x2000000 [1=0xf0e000-0xf0e45c]
btlb info: minsz=128, maxsz=16384
btlb fixed: i=0, d=0, c=8
btlb varbl: i=0, d=0, c=0

This was with trying the SYSNBSD file from 6.0.1; results with trying
netinstall.lif and from SYSNBSD from 6.0 were similar.

Same (truncate download)


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